Where & When Was The First Penalty Kick Introduced?


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The first penalty kick is credited to a goalkeeper & business man WILLIAM MC CRUM in 1890 in MILDFORD co armagh n. Ireland. The Irish f.a. Presented the idea to the international f. A. In 1890. They approved the idea on June 2nd 1891. It was introduced in the 1892/92 season.
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spot on 100% correct
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There are two Milfords in Ireland one in co Cork the other in co Armagh as the idea was presented by the Irish FA could William McCrum possibily have come from Milford co Cork?
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The first penalty shoot out (or a kick from the penalty mark) as its official name is, was introduced into the game of football between 1968 and 1970 and has been accredited to both a German referee and an Israeli coach depending on who you choose to believe. However it was required, because a situation arose when two teams were equal, and one needed to advance to the next stage, or to be the winners, if it was the final.
The rules of these kicks are different from the other penalty kicks on the field in that, they do not score points for the team to carry on, and also no rebounds are allowed.
There was an experimental stage when some countries tried to use this method in all drawn matches, but that soon fell away.
The first penalty kick during a match(given for a foul( was at the beginning of the last century.
The first official match with a penalty shoot out was in 1970 in England, in a game between Hull and Manchester United, for the Watley cup. It was won by Manchester. The first kick was off the boot of George Best, appropriately enough.

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