How Many Referees Are There In A Football Game?


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Usually there are four officials at a professional football game. There is one referee, who is the highest authority on the pitch and whose job is to ensure that the game is played according to the laws of the sport. It is the referee's role to judge when an incident has breached these laws and to decide what action (and/or punishment) should be taken as a result.

In addition, the referee has two linesmen who assist him in this role and who will normally be in charge of determining when a player is offside (because they have a better view from the sideline). The linesmen also assist and offer an insight to the referee if a foul has occurred in their vicinity. A fourth official is present on the sideline next to the dug-outs, to manage the substitutions and additional time.

Recently, in the light of some high-profile incorrect goal-line decisions in some European matches and International matches. Fifth and sixth officials have been stationed behind each goal. These officials can more accurately judge any penalty box or goal-line incidents and therefore help the referee make a potentially match-changing decision.

Many people are not satisfied with this, and so FIFA is now looking at the possibility of goal-line technology to further aid the referees when it comes to deciding when a goal has been scored or not.

Amateur games have 3 officials, professional games have 4 and some European and International matches have up to 6.

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There are 4 official referees in a football game. The main one is the normal referee who runs on the field, giving fouls, yellow or red cards, penalties and so on. There are also 2 linesmen They each carry a flag. They see offsides and also see if it is a corner or a throw in. The fourth referee is there to control the managers and to keep record of substitutes in the match.
But now FIFA is looking to add 2 more linesmen because the judgement errors in terms of offsides are increasing.
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In football there is a total of four staff that act as referees. There is primarily just one referee who is given complete authority and power to enforce the laws of the game of football. The referee is assisted by two subordinates or assistant referees and sometimes by an additional fourth official. The match is presided over by the referee with the assistance of his or her subordinates.

In American football there are a total of seven officials who preside over a game. There is a main referee and he is assisted by the Head Linesman, the Line Judge, the Umpire, the back Judge, the Side Judge and finally the Field Judge. Rugby football has a referee on the field along with two touch judges. A video referee is also part of the referee team.

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