How Many Rings Are There In The Olympic Games Symbol?


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There are five rings, all of them stand 4 1 continent: Americas, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia.
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There are five rings in the Olympic games symbol. The rings are interlocked, and the five colours are blue, yellow, black, green and red respectively, on a white field.

This symbol was originally designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1913. He was the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The symbol gained widespread popularity due to its promotion by Nazi Germany.

The five rings represent the five parts of the world and their union. It has been explained by the American historian Robert Barney, that the idea of the rings came to Pierre de Coubertin when he was in charge of the USFSA.

As read in the Olympic Charter, the Olympic symbol represents the union of the five continents and atheletes meeting throughout the world at the Olympic Games, though no continent is represented by any specific ring.

There are explanations about the symbolism of the rings, but the only connection between the rings and the continents is that the number of rings refers to the number of continents. The Americas are viewed as a single continent, while Antarctica is omitted.

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6 there are 6    remember

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