How Do You Draw Up And Run A Football Square Or Pool Game?


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How to run a football pool/pool game.
  • Make a 10 by 10 grid on paper. Leave a boarder so you have space for the payout, team names and numbers (1 to 10).
  • Then prepare your numbers. Write the name of both teams along with the numbers 1 to 10, cut into squares and place in a bowl or hat. Once you draw, do not put it back in the bowl.
  • Assign a dollar value buy in which is suited to the tastes of all your guests. Once you establish your buy in, decide the pay out and write it somewhere on a blank section of the border.

Sell all 100 squares.

  • Before the game starts draw the numbers from a bowl and record the number along the top of your grid, starting from left to right with each number written directly above a square.
  • Fill in across the top of your grid as numbers are drawn and fill in the team as the name is drawn. Do not place the numbers back in the bowl.
  • When finished, place all but the team name back in the bowl and repeat this procedure again for the side of your grid. 

Your 10 by 10 grid should now have a team name at the top and at the side.  It should have a number representing each column along the top and each row along the side and should have one of your guests names accompanying each of the 100 cells contained in the grid.

Record the official score at the end of the 1st quarter, the half, the third quarter and the final score. Cross reference the last number in each teams score as it relates on your grid to determine which of your guests wins each quarter pot.

Sample Payout if squares sold at $1 each ($100 total pool)

End of Q 1: $20
End of Q 2: $20
End of Q 3: $20
End of Q 4: $20

Good Luck! Have Fun. The pot can be richer if you sell your squares for more!

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