What Is The Difference Between An Umpire And A Referee?


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In my view, what distinguishes an umpire from a refree is that refree shows cards to give his decisions and moreover s/he keeps a constant check during the game...and an umpire uses his body gestures to give the judggement.Another way of finding the difference between the umpire and refree is this:-
that umpire gave his decisions in an intermittent manner. By Govind and Akshita and Ankur

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Referee is a overall charge in the game while the umpire is sometimes is just display...haha!!:)
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An umpire is usually associated with cricket nd tennis wheras a referee is often associated with football, soccer etc.

They have the same job.
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The difference between referee and umpire is that referee is keep check on the game while umpire then take care of that check. Example in cricket both are there, one match referee and three match umpires. Referee and third umpire are sitting out side the ground, while two umpires on the field one of them is stump umpire while the other one is leg umpire.
There is no big difference between umpire and referee in other game some have referee and some have umpire both can take care of players to follow rules.    
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Umpire starts with "you" a vowel whereas referee starts with "R" a consonant......don't know wjy people make such a fuss to understand this difference
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Umpire and Referee are the names of officials who have authority to make decisions in a game. Umpire and Referee are just titles like many others: Judge, linesman, timekeeper or touch judge and there is no difference between them but of just derivation of words.

To see difference between two titles, visit the following links.


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