How Do I Become A Very Good Volleyball Player?


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Practice, practice, practice.
If you don't make the team, you havent practiced enough.
Trust me.
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Alright... Here is what you need to do. . . Practice every day . .

Have a good attitude because most coaches will take someone with a good attitude over someone who is amazing with a bad attitude . .

If you want to improve your hitting ask your coach or a teammate for some extra help.

Practice wrist snaps hitting against the wall whenever you can.

Try and practice every position

Be positive and cheer on your teammates after every play.
Lift the team spirits.

And hustle on the court and shag balls.

Also you may want to try to get private lessons. Or go to camps.

Please answer my question for your hits
ALWAYS go up with both arms.
Righty: Big step with right, small step with left, then last step with right!
Opposite feet for lefty.

So you can jump high you need to do core exercises. So start with a jog to warm up your muscles. Then try to do 50 crunches. 25 sit ups. 50 bicycles.25 side crunches on each side.

Trust me it will help and improve your verticle.

Someone else wrote this but I found it helpful :)
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You can join a group or hire a trainer to teach you on how to throw. And also you need a lot of exercise.

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I hit with both. It came by accident.... I warm up every match by standing about 3 feet from the net. I throw up the ball and hit it into the net (tight net). Catch and repeat for the other (left) side. Back and forth. It's difficult to get use to but don't get discouraged. You just need to get you muscles use to the motion. Muscle memory is what I think it's called.
It's great to see the confusion on an opponents face when they block you right and you hammer them with a left spike!
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Practice, practice, practice. Maybe even have private lessons so a coach can individually work on what you need to focus on.

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