How Many People Play Rugby In The World?


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Rugby is a sport played in over 120 counties by over 10 million people. The sport has evolved in to multiple versions including  Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Sevens. Rugby continues to grow in popularity worldwide, and the sevens version of the game will make its Olympic d├ębut in Rio De Janeiro in 2016.

International Rugby Board (IRB) Member Union countries include New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, France, Ireland, England, Argentina, Wales, Scotland, Fiji, Italy, Samoa, Japan, Canada, Georgia, the United States, Tonga, Romania, Russia, Uruguay, Portugal, Namibia, Spain, Chile, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Brazil, Ukraine, Tunisia, Germany, Morocco, Korea, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Moldavia, Poland, Lithuania, Arabian Gulf, Ivory Coast, Paraguay, Kenya, Croatia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malta, Sweden, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Columbia, Bermuda, Cook Islands, Malaysia, Latvia, Venezuela, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Andorra, Switzerland, Senegal, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Guyana, China, Niue Islands, Hungry, Denmark, Cayman, Denmark,  India, Israel, Zambia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Batswana, Barbados, Solomon Islands, Peru, Cameroon, Lucia, Norway, Guam, Swaziland, Jamaica, Bahamas, Austria, Tahiti, Bosnia Herzegovinian, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Monaco, Vanuatu, Luxembourg, and Finland.
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Very less... It is played in UK, ocenia , bit in USA, italy and some other europeans like portugal and people of spain... But the sport is not expanding ... I don't think it is played in many asian countries except hongkong...

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