How Many Players Are There In A Rugby Union Team And How Are Their Roles Split Up?.


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The game of Rugby Union consists of two teams of 15 aside playing against each other. According to their ability, weight and size, players are either in the forwards or the back. In Rugby Union, there are eight forwards and six backs. It is the forwards job to provide strength and weight when their player is tackled. They therefore, broadly speaking, need to be concerned with following the ball and forming rucks and malls to recycle possession as quickly as possible. The forwards are also the only players allowed to contest line-outs and scrums.

When the ball is recycled after a ruck, mall, line out or scrum, it is usually picked up by the scrum half (the first of the backs) and passed along the line of back (and any remaining forwards not involved in the ruck or mall). It is the job of the backs to run, pass along the back line and kick tactically in order to get closer towards the opposition's try line.

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