How Do I Get A Sponsorship For Tennis Raquets?


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There are several ways to get sponsorship for tennis racquets and other equipment. One way is to appeal directly to trusts and charities who might consider you are good cause. This would allow you to purchase ANY equipment you need.

Secondly, one should approach the manufacturers of tennis equipment and demonstrate to them what they would potentially gain from sponsoring you and your work. If you can convince them that they will receive media attention, their logo in the papers or on the television, they may well consider offering you a sponsorship deal. Usually, you would expect to be a player of some distinction and class to receive this. You could always write inviting to watch you demonstrate your abilities, but make sure you are ahead of the game!

Thirdly, you could combine one and two, you could ask the company to sponsor you because you are an up and coming player at a lower level and desperately need the equipment to develop your game. You may find that the manufacturers sponsor tennis academics across the world or might provide you with a discount.
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O.k I'm 13 years old and I don't play in my age group. Everyone knows me but in a couple of weeks I'm playing a tennis match in Atlanta, and babolat is going to be there so step one make a good in Pessione if you know you don't have the body type you should stop now step two be a great markington person see if you can sell your self but still that still follows under your body type. Step three make the best of your self don't be to nice people can see through that , be your self talk like you wanted don't just say it prove it. Because companies like babolat and wilson don't play they know if you want it you don't even have to say anything because they know what and is the super star looks like.

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