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The frilly panties popularized by tennis player Gertrude Moran in the 1940s serve no sporting purpose - they are simply worn because they look good!

Frilly tennis panties

Gertrude Moran (also known as 'Gorgeous Gussie') was the first female tennis player to wear ruffled panties underneath her tennis skirt.

They were designed by American Teddy Tinling, and were designed to be visible underneath a short skirt.

The panties, which are also known as 'pettipants' or 'frillsters', caused such an uproar at the 1949 Wimbledon tennis tournament that Moran was accused of bringing the game into disrepute.

Despite this, the trend caught on - and the frilly panty became popular attire among certain female tennis stars.

Where to buy tennis panties

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In 1949 Gertrude Moran wore lace-trimmed panties under her white dress to Wimbledon designed by Teddy Tinling, a former umpire and player.

Newspapers had a  field day and a new fashion was born.

After 1949, more and more frills got added and frilly tennis panties lasted well into the 1980’s.

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