How Is Basketball Good For Health?


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Sports are a way to keep fit and tone ones body. It keeps the body active and the mind sharp. Quick sprinting, stretching to score and dribbling the ball all help to exercise the muscles of the body. It is a sport that is sometimes recommended by doctors for growing children as it increases their height. Stretching in basketball is very good releasing the tension built up in muscles. When it is played outdoors it also allows the players to soak up some sunshine and enjoy fresh air. Basketball is a team sport and helps build team spirit as well.

Basketball is also known to cause a few problems with player's health. The constant jumping and bouncing during the game causes jerks that at times injure the joints of the knees. Also playing indoor basketball in indoor areas without adequate ventilation can also be detrimental.
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It helps keep a strong metabolism as well as a healthy lifestyle. It gives exercise and can raise solo and team spirit. It can keep you in good shape and can improve hand eye coordination.
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The  game basketball helps us to develop 1.the quality of life,2.prevetion of diseases 3.harmonious growth n development..there are 5 components of physical fitness-a.strength,b.speed ,c.endurance,n flexibility
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and sports are the best way to fit over body and learn about the importance of dedication, and
persistence in life.

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Games are always considered good for health.

By playing basketball one can develop a good team spirit, cultivate well-playing habits. The exercise and work outs needed by body also gets fulfilled by such outdoor activities.

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