How Would You Find The Volume Of A Golf Ball And A Cork?


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Volume can be defined as the amount of total space that is occupied by matter be it solid, liquid or a gaseous substance. Volume is measured by the basic unit of cubic centimetre and it is expressed by the symbol cm3. Generally the volume of any rectangular substance can be found with the help of a mathematical formula of Volume = length x width x height. It is a very simple formula but it cannot be applied to odd-shaped objects like corks and golf balls.

Therefore another method is used to find the volume of odd and irregularly-shaped objects. This method is known as the displacement of water. It is based on the Archimedes principle that the volume of an object would be equal to the amount of water displaced. Hence the displacement of water would be equal to the volume of the object. So just put a cork into a tub of water filled to the brim and you can find out its volume by the amount of water displaced. The same method can be used to find out the volume of a golf ball.
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Well you could just weigh it then find the volume
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