Where Does Table Tennis Come From?


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Table tennis originally came from England and was invented in the 1880's, where it was considered to be one of the favourite pastimes for the upper-class Victorians. It was basically stated as a game that spoofed tennis, but was played indoors using objects of everyday use. Books were piled up in the middle of the table and used as the net, the round top of the cork of a champagne bottle or a knot of string as the ball and the lid of a cigar box as the paddle or racquet.

It was commercially marketed in England by companies like Hamleys of Regent Street and J. Jaques and Son Ltd. (who trademarked the name 'Ping Pong' in 1901 and later sold the rights of the name 'Ping Pong' to Parker Brothers.) It was alternatively called ping pong, whiff whaff or Gossima. Jaques' equipment, known as ping pong equipment, was expensive. Other English manufacturers called the game table tennis.

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