How Do I Change The Drive Belt On A Ezgo Gas Powerd Golf Cart?


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Changing the drive belt on an EZ-Go gas powered golf cart is a relatively easy process, compared to other automobiles, and can be carried out quickly without the help of a professional. This is mainly due to the fact that the motor inside the cart is quite simple, it does not have the complex engine that some cars have, and it is reasonably easy to locate and identify each part. A quick search online or in a car part store will allow you to find a new replacement drive belt for your cart. There are four different types of EZ-Go drive belts available and which one you need will depend on the year that your golf cart was built. Search for the year of your EZ-Go gas powered golf cart in order to find out which of the four different drive belts you will need. Once you have the correct replacement drive belt, you will then be able to carry out the simple steps to replace your old one. It is advised that you wear gloves during this process to avoid cutting your fingers.

Locate the primary drive clutch. This is the one that is the bottom of the two drive clutches and the smallest, both the primary and secondary drive clutches are located within the motor. Then, slide off the drive belt that is already there. You will be able to tell if the drive belt needs replacing because it will look worn and battered. Take note of the way that the drive belt is wrapped around the primary drive clutch.

Slide the new drive clutch onto the primary drive clutch in the same way the old one was placed. Then, pull the drive belt around the secondary drive clutch as much as you can and roll the secondary drive clutch in order to secure the belt in place.

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