Where To Find Wire Diagram For 1981 Club Car 36 Volt Electric Golf Cart?


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You can find an array of Club Car golf cart wiring diagrams over at including a wiring diagram of a 1981-83 Club Car golf cart.

There is a further diagram for a 1975-81 Club Car 36-volt electric golf cart at and another diagram for a 1981-84 Club Car 36-volt electric golf cart at

So who or what are Club Car? Club Car are a Georgia based company, that's as in the U.S State of Georgia, not the eastern European country of the same name. They're mostly renowned as the market leader in the production of electric golf carts, although they also manufacture a variety of small gasoline and electric fuelled vehicles that facilitate the transport of cargo, people and equipment for commercial, industrial and recreational purposes.

Club Car began life in 1958 as Landreath Machine, a Texas based business responsible for pioneering some of the United States' first golf vehicles. When Bill Stevens bought the company in 1962, he promptly moved it to his hometown of Augusta, Georgia where it still resides to this day. The company have been through numerous owners since then and are currently owned by Ingersoll Rand; this umbrella corporation deals in the manufacture of a multitude of products in a variety of industries such as refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial equipment among others.
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Wiring schematic for 36volt club car forward/reverse control

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