How To Adjust Brakes On An Ezgo Golf Cart?


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After a few years of heavy use, most golf carts will need to have their brakes adjusted and the Ezgo Golf Cart is no exception. If you have the right tools and a basic knowledge of the parts of your golf cart, you should be able to do this without the help of a mechanic. Do not attempt to adjust your brakes if you have no experience with cars or golf carts as this could be dangerous.

Loosen the lug nuts, jack the cart up, and place it on the jack stands. Now you will need to remove the wheel. Remove both the cotter key and the pin from the brake arm. Put these in a safe place as you will need them later.

Examine the assembly to determine whether or not the rubber boot is still intact. If so, remove the rubber boot and loosen the stud all the way. Take note of the position of the brake shoes and then remove the springs and the shoes. You will now find two wedges, remove the two wedges and clean them. Keep in mind that you will need to put everything back in the correct place, so try to remember where everything came from!

Spray the entire assembly with brake cleaner and clean thoroughly. If you see areas with scrape markings, these will need to be lubricated. After you have thoroughly cleaned and lubricated each worn part, you will need to reassemble the whole thing.

Adjust the shoe by turning the stud (see above) until you feel resistance on the hub as you slide it on. Now replace the boot. Just make sure you reconnect your brake cables and hook the brake arm, pin, and cotter key back together. Be sure to check your work before driving the golf cart, and remember that only beginner mechanics should not attempt to adjust the brakes on their golf cart. When in doubt, go to a mechanic.

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