I have a e-z-go golf cart, i need directions on how to hook up the Batteries with the cable wires?


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This how you can hook up the batteries of your golf cart with the cable wires:

  • First of all, make sure that you remove the old batteries and dispose of them properly. Then, you'll need to unplug the cables and remove all the battery fasteners. You should check for any corrosion that might have occurred at this point, too. Make sure you focus in the battery rack area to ensure that all batteries will be held safely in the future.
  • Then, you will need to put the new six batteries into the e-z-go golf cart. You should place them in the way that you saw the old batteries placed in. Even if you can't remember it should be pretty easy for you to figure out which way the batteries go in. The battery racks will usually be shaped in a way which will allow you to figure out which way the batteries are placed in. Once you have lined them up correctly, you can get to the wiring.
  • Once you have placed the batteries down, you will need to ensure that they are secured properly. This is to stop them moving as the cart is travelling, and will hence stop any disturbance to the connections between the wires. Make sure that you tighten the batteries using the battery holders that are already fitted in the cart. These are usually pretty easy to arrange as they simply involve you tightening some screws to hold the batteries in their place.
  • Then, you need to wire up all the batteries properly. You will need to connect the positive terminals to the negative terminals. They must be connected in a circuit, too. Imagine the electricity moving round in a circle. Once you've wired them up simply put the cover back on, and start up the cart. Everything should be working perfectly!
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This depends on the voltage the motor is designed to run on. If yours has 6, 6volt batteries, then you have a 36 volt cart. You will basically put the positive lead on the wire that is in the motor circiut. From that batteries negative lead you wil take that to the positive lead of the next battery. Then you will take the negative lead of that battery and take it to the positive lead to the next. So on and so forth. The last lead should be negative. That goes to the other side of the motor circuit.

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