Who Owns The NBA Currently?


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Who owns the NBA? No one completely owns the NBA. It is not owned by a single company. It is shared between the individual teams that make up the NBA. Each team owns a chunk of the league. This is seen as a positive ownership as there are no secret interests of the owners and all of the member teams own an equal share so that they cannot be advantaged or disadvantaged by owning more or less than another team.

The different teams are all individually owned, some by just one stakeholder and others by groups of people or multiple investors. These teams will all have their own interests and sometimes even the interests of the individual owners of the teams at heart but they do have to make their own money for their individual sport's grounds and stadiums whereas the league, as it is made up from members can deal with a little bit of input from the member teams and then a lot of income comes from advertising.

Advertising is big money in sports and many sponsors will advertise with the NBA when it is shown on ABC TV and not with any individual teams. The official sponsors of NBA basketball are;

  • Sprite/Coca-cola
  • T-Mobile
  • American Express
  • Budweiser
  • Toyota
The different sponsors will all pay to have advertising slots during the NBA and will also pay for product placement within the games with Coca-Cola being drunk by presenters and any cell phone competition being sponsored by T-mobile.

As advertising is a big money industry, the NBA will make enough money to keep going and even improving from its advertising revenue alone. This is even greater than other companies that used advertising revenue as income as the NBA has such a huge following that there will always be a market to advertise.

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