Where Can I Find Wiring Diagram For 1983 Ezgo Golf Cart Solenoid?


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Emma kay answered
This site, www.vintagegolfcartparts.com/cgi-bin/gallery/gallery.cgi has a variety of cart solenoid diagrams, and hopefully it will have yours on it too.
  • It sounds like these golf cart solenoids are quite temperamental as there are several cases of them breaking on the internet.
  • Your golf cart is pretty old, and when it goes over bumpy ground, the solenoid can rattle around, come loose and then the connections will come loose and stop working all together or only work sporadically.
  • You may need to get some new wires for your cart or replace the solenoid all together. With it being such an old cart you may not be able to buy new parts for it.
  • Golf carts are the quick and easy way to get around the course, but please consider the environment and the grass you are riding them on. At many big tournaments golf carts are banned because they wreck the course. And if yours is a petrol powered one, consider the damage this will cause to the environment.
  • Perhaps you could try only taking your cart to the course when you need a lot of clubs that you cannot carry alone, to spare the grass and make it better quality for you to play on. 

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