Who Is Premiership Footballer Having Affair?


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Recently, there has been a large amount in the press about celebrities taking out incredibly expensive super injunctions to stop newspapers and tabloids printing stories about affairs they have had. In particular, it has been widely known that a professional footballer was one of those who took out an injunction in an attempt to keep his affair secret, to protect his career and prevent his family finding out. It has now been revealed by a high profile MP that the individual was Ryan Giggs, the infamous Manchester United player.

Ryan Giggs allegedly had a seven month affair with minor celebrity Imogen Thomas, who rose to fame on the television show Big Brother and has since gone on to work in modeling and television. After the affair was over, Imogen Thomas wished to share her story with the press. Ryan Giggs took out a legal super injunction to prevent this happening. However, his attempts to conceal his actions did not reach success - in fact, some believe it was the super injunction itself that brought the story so much into the public eye. An anonymous user of the popular social networking site ‘Twitter’ revealed the story to the public, in a series of ‘tweets’ that supposedly detailed a number of celebrities that have taken out super injunctions. The story was confirmed a week or two later when an MP named Ryan Giggs as the man behind it.

There is much controversy regarding super injunctions surrounding Twitter currently, due to complicated privacy laws. As Twitter is not based in the UK, it claims it doesn’t have to stick to legal requirements that would not have allowed Ryan Giggs’ story to be revealed on the website. Legal actions are currently being taken to refine what privacy celebrities are entitled to on the website.

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