What Is The Highest Score In The World Cup History?


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What is the highest cricket score for the World cup? If you are talking about the highest score in the cricket World Cup then it has to be four hundred and thirteen. This score was set within fifty overs. And it may come as and even bigger surprise for all those expecting the highest score to be set by South Africa or Australia then hold on to your seats before reaching any conclusions. The highest world cup score was set by team India in the recent ICC world cup 2007 in West Indies.

The match was played between India and Bermuda. After India's disappointing game on losing to Bangladesh they had to come back with a bang. As their run rate was quite low and it would be a difficulty to get into the super eight, it was necessary for India to make as much as runs possible in this match against Bermuda.

Indeed the team won this match with Virendar Sehwag being titled man of the match, India new all they now needed was one more victory in a match and they would be set for super eight.

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