What Is A Touchdown?


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A touchdown is when an anerican football team either
a) works it way down the feild with plays.
B) catches an interception and run for a touchdown.
C)forces a fumble, revovers it, and runs for a touchdown.
The team then receives 6 points. They get an opritunity to kick the ball through the posts to get an extra point.
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A touchdown is a basic scoring play in American Football involving two ways in which it can be accomplished. The main feature of this scoring method is that not only the ball carriers on the attack but also the receivers or the defenders can also aim to score a touchdown.

The end zone of both teams, which is the marked area just in front of the goal post, is where all the action takes place and where a touchdown is scored. This takes place in the following two ways: when the football by way of the ball carrier gets past the line marking the end of the end zone the attacking team scores a touchdown but when a receiver intercepts a pass in the end zone or beyond it he too scores a touchdown. Either way a team scoring a touch down earns six points sparking off an on field celebration unique to the scoring player.

A touchdown is somewhat similar to a Try in the game of Rugby; the only difference being that a try ends with the ball being placed on the ground beyond the end zone or goal post while in a touchdown the ball can be carried over the line or passed over it. The team scoring a touchdown is also awarded a chance to win more points; and hence scoring touchdowns enables the scoring team to take a considerable lead over its opponents.
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A point in american football
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It is when a person running or receiving the ball in football (american) scores by going in the other teams goal
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Are you serious a touchdown is when a player takes the football and runs to the other side of the field were there opponents are thats a goal and goal =7
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A touchdown is a sporting term for a goal, whereby a player touches the ball on the area behind the goaposts - or between them, to score. Used in Rugby and American Football.
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A touchdown is in a football game when a team gets the ball in the opposing team's endzone.
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The word touchdown itself means a landing of an airplane or something else. It could also mean "when the wheels of something touch the landing field". The term touchdown is mainly used in Football. It is considered as an act of carrying, gaining possession or receiving the ball across the opponent's goal line for a six pointer. It is a score in American and Canadian football. A touch down can occur when: a ball carrier causes the football to break to the end zone, or when an eligible receiver catches a pass in the end zone. The receiver earns 6 points for his team. The scoring team is awarded the opportunity for an extra point.

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