What Does The Second Down In Football Mean?


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Football is a game of possesion. The continue to keep possesion of the football, a team is given 4 downs to make ten or more yards. These downs are denoted as First Down, Second Down, Third Down and Fourth Down. The team has to advance the the ball 10 or more yards in these 4 downs to retain possesion. If a team gains 5 yards on First Down, then it will be Second Down and 5 yards to go to get another 4 downs to advance the ball another  ten yards or more until the team either scores, a touchdown or Field Goal; loses the ball by failing to advance the ball 10 yards or fumbling(dropping) the ball or throwing an interception. The team can also chose to relinquish posession by punting(kicking) the ball to the other team, generally to gain a field position advantage.

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