How Does The Arsenal Team Scout Children For Their Youth Football Academy?


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There are a number of ways that Arsenal and indeed most other professional football clubs take children into their football academies. The most common ways that Arsenal selects its youth players are through tryouts held at the club and through the club's youth scouting network. The Academy was a founding member of the FA Premier Youth League in 1997, and Arsenal's team won the inaugural title.


Tryouts for the academy are held annually at Arsenal's youth development center. If a player impresses the staff at this point then the academy can start coaching the player straight away. Players as young as 5 or 6 have been picked up by Arsenal this way.


Through scouting the Arsenal academy look to sign youngsters from outside the London area. Arsenal can take players from other youth academies in England and can also buy foreign youth players from abroad. Usually the youth ranks are composed of British players but in recent years Arsenal has brought a few young foreign stars through its ranks. The most notable being Cesc Fabregas, who joined Arsenal from Barcelona's academy for a fee of just £250,000 at the age of 16.

Notable Arsenal Youth Team Graduates

- Tony Adams (England, 66 caps)

- Andy Cole (England, 15 caps)

- Ashley Cole (England, 96 caps)

- Kieran Gibbs (England, 2 caps)

- Martin Keown (England, 43 caps)

- Jack Wilshere (England, 5 caps)

- Wojciech Szczesny (Poland, 11 caps)

- Cesc Fabregas (Spain, 66 caps)

- Sebastian Larsson (Sweden, 43 caps)

- Johan Djourou (Switzerland, 32 caps)

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Well to get you child enrolled in to the Youth Academy of Arsenal football club, you will have to take your child for try-outs which are held on regular basis at Arsenals home ground which is the Emirates stadium.

The Arsenal Football Club basically is an English professional football club which is situated in Holloway, north London. Arsenal currently plays in the Premier League and are said to be one of the most successful clubs of English football. Arsenal has bagged a total of thirteen First Division and Premier League titles along with ten FA cups.

The club was established in the year 1886, in Woolwich, south-east London, but in the year 1913 they shifted base to Arsenal stadium, Highbury. In the year 2006, they moved to the Emirates Stadium close to Ashburton Grove, Holloway.
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Through regional development centres for which they are scouted. 150 or so boys then get whittled down to a squad of around 20. I know. My son plays for them. And it's tough for the kid and the parents.
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