List of soccer agents and soccer academy in south africa?


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Emmanuel Nwosu answered
Dear manager, coach, technical adviser,

my name is nwosu tochukwu emmanuel from nigeria. I am 21 years old and I play for armature clubs and  feeders (junior team) here in nigeria.

I am a very talented, focused and skillful player with great potentials.
I would like to play in your football club/youth football academy team and I promise to do my best in the uplifting of your esteemed football club. I believe that my trials will definitely convince you.

I was born a footballer and was trained as a utility player and I would love if you give me the chance/opportunity to proove myself to you and the club. I am a skilled footballer and I want to take my football career to a greater height and to the next level.

Please kindly brief me on how I can join your youth football club/academy as I promise to do my best in the uplifting of the club.

Attached is my football cv for you to go through.

I do hope to read/hear from you coach/manager.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,

nwosu tochukwu emmanuel
(lagos - nigeria)
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I want to joint football academy but I'm in Ghana.and I want how I can join

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