Who Is The Most Handsome Rugby Player In The UK?


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I don't know about his good looks but I do know about his bad manners! On Saturday night after losing the World Cup to South Africa, he was seen on television deliberately snubbing the South African president Thabo Mbeki. He simply refused to shake his had and this is simply awfully bad form and a huge insult. He certainly qualifies as the uncoolest rugby player on the planet.
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That's a tough one. It's probably easier to say who it isn't. But to refine the field down a bit, we can safely say the most handsome rugby player won't be a prop forward or anyone else involved in the scrum.

The most obvious choice for the title of most handsome rugby player in the UK must be Johnny Wilkinson, he of the blond locks and the rugged good looks. In fact, you don't just need to take my word for it. For during his lengthy spells recuperating from injury - which seems to be 90 per cent of the time since the World Cup - he gets his day in by modelling and doing photo shoots for magazines.

Can't see Mr Wilkinson picking up all these clothes horse assignments if he had a face like a bag of chisels.

If Wilkinson doesn't float your boat, then I'm told some of the Scottish rugby team are quite fit. Or lush lads as girlie teen mags like to put it.
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Mike phillips and rob webber
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That is all a matter of opinion

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