Who Has Scored The Fastest Goal At Wembley?


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Paul Chow Fa Vase Final 19 seconds
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The honour of scoring the fastest goal at Wembley in a first class game, belongs to former Manchester United and England captain, Bryan Robson.

Robson scored after only thirty eigt seconds in England's two on win over Yugoslavia in December nineteen eighty nine.

Oddly, Robson has also scored the second fastest goal at Wembley too, with Robson scoring after forty two seconds in England's four nil hammering of Northern Ireland in February nineteen eighty two.

The fastest goal ever scored in an FA cup final at Wembley was scored by former Chelsea and Italian international Robeto di Matteo. Matteo scored after only forty four seconds in the FA cup final of nineteen ninety seven, in which Chelsea beat Middlesbrough.

The fastest goal scored by a player in any game held at Wembley came in nineteen seventy nine, when Cambridge University player Maurice COx scored after only twenty seconds in a game against Oxford.
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David beckham ever scored at wembley

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