Where Do Crystal Palace FC Play?


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The home ground of Crystal Palace FC is Selhurst Park in South-East London, near to Croydon.
However their original home-ground was at the site of the old Crystal Palace which burnt down in 1936.
The club as it is known now, was formed on the 10th September 1905. However there was a previous club called 'The Glaziers' which was also linked to the Palace. This was an amateur team that was put together in 1854 and was made up of members of staff who worked at the Palace.
When Crystal Palace FC was formed in 1905, it took over the football ground at Crystal Palace.
Although Crystal Palace's official nickname is 'The Eagles', they are also known occasionally as 'The Groundskeepers', particularly by older members of the local community as a reminder to the roots of the old club.

Crystal Palace are currently residing in the Championship league after missing out on promotion in the 2005/06 season.

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