How Many Times Has Ronaldinho Been FIFA World Footballer Of The Year?


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Ronaldinho has won the world best football player award for 2 times
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The Brazilain footballer, Ronaldinho, has been crowned FIFA world fottballer of the year on two occasions.

He first won the award in two thousand and four, winning it again the following year (two thousand and five) when he was also crowned European footballer of the year.

Ronaldinho plays his club football in Europe at Barcelona, Spain. Last year he went on to help the Catalan giants win the UEFA Champions League and help Barca retain the Spanish title.

In winning the coveted title of FIFA world footballer of the year, Ronaldinho became the fourth Brazilian to achieve the award, following in the foot steps of Romario, who won the award in ninety four, Ronaldo, who has won the award an incredible three times, back to back in ninety six and ninety seven and again in two thousand and two when he helped Brazil win the world cup.

The other Brazilian to win the award is Rivaldo, who won it in ninteen ninety nine.
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Ronaldinho has been the world footballer of the year three times

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