The 1982 ElectricClub Car Golf Cart That Goes Faster In Reverse Than Forward. What Do You Think The Problem Could Be?


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Well, since you are still waiting and have only gotten one answer, I will try to help you with your problem.
Most Club Golf carts have six batteries.
  Sounds like the reverse is hooked to all six batteries and the forward is hooked to four. It should be the other way around. Four batteries hooked to reverse and six to forward.
Reverse is a lower gear and hooking to all six batteries would make it go faster.
Someone probably just hooked the forward gear to four of the batteries and the reverse to all six.
Just switch it around and it should be fine.
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You have your reverse positive wire and your forward positive wire reversed. You can run them both from the positive 36 volt terminal and it will go the same speed forward or reverse.
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I think they put the seats and steering wheel on backwards turn them around that should fix it.

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