How Many Gold Medals Did The US Women Win In The Winter Olympics In Japan?


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The US women won only two gold medals in the Winter Olympics held in Japan. Winter Olympics were held in Japan's Sapporo city in the year 1972.

Dianne Holum was one of the winners. She won the golds in the speed skate event. Anne Henning was another athlete who won a gold in the same event. Holum won gold in 1500 meter event and it was a record for Olympics, but she finished sixth in 1000 meter race and also folded up her Olympic career.

Anne Henning won the gold medal in 500 meter speed skating. At the race she was obstructed by Sylvia Burka, but she still was able to set the fastest time record. But she was allowed to repeat the event and she improved her time even further. At the age of 16, Henning became the youngest speed skating champion in the Olympic history.
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