How Did London Win The Bid To Host The Olympic Games In 2012?


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London won the bid to host the Summer Olympic Games scheduled to be held in 2012 from 26 July to 12 August; London after winning the bid became the first city in history to host the Games thrice as the 1908 and 1948 editions of the game were held in the city. In the final round of the bid London edged out close contender Paris receiving 54 votes to Paris' 50.

There are several reasons why the City could win the bid over others; the efforts of Sebastian Coe who was in charge of the bid campaign to promote London's cause as well as the Prime Minister Tony Blair's publicly endorsing London's bid ensuring the Government's support went a long way in bringing the Games back to the city after a hiatus of over half a century. London also seemed the most suitable candidate to provide the infrastructure required to host an event of the magnitude of the Olympics.
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