Who Are The All Time Top Goal Scorers For Arsenal?


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Arsenal Football club is an English Association football club based in North London, and is one of the most successful football teams in English football - having won a total of 13 first division and Premier League titles, and 10 FA cups.

Arsenal F.C was founded in 1886 in Woolwich, and became the first club from the south of England to join the Football League. The team currently play their matches at the Emirates Stadium and contest the North London Derby with neighbors and fierce rivals Tottenham Hotspur. As of 2012 Arsenal is the fourth most valuable football club in the world, valued at $1.3 billion.

Arsenal's all time top goal scorers are as follows: (numbers in brackets denote appearances made)

1. Thierry Henry: 228 (376)

2. Ian Wright: 185 (288)

3. Cliff Bastin: 178 (396)

4. John Radford: 149 (481)

5. Ted Drake: 139 (184)

= 5. Jimmy Brain: 139 (232)

6. Doug Lishman: 137 (244)

7. Robin Van Persie: 132 (277)

8. Joe Hulme: 125 (374)

9. David Jack: 124 (208)

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They are as follows, Thierry Henry, 226, Ian Wright, 185, Cliff Bastin 178. Fourth top scorer is John Radford with 149
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Thierry henry
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