Is Sport Important Or Not?


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Sport is important for the obvious reason that it keeps you healthy.

However, if we didn't have sport, masses of people would be put into the ranks of the unemployed; doctors, who treat the sportsmen's broken bones; lawyers, who take the cases of the sportsmen who sue opponents for breaking something; builders, who build the stadiums for the games; pubs, who get most of their crowds from sports games on the television and also the people who make and sell the sport merchandise: Shirts, cups, shoes, bears, shorts, hats, etc.

It can also teach children life skills:  Team work, self-discipline, mutual respect and fairplay. It increases self-esteem, and some can use sports as an emotional outlet. I mean, who doesn't imagine the person you hate most's face on a ball or punchbag? It can channel aggression, energy and competitiveness. Children use sportsmen as role-models, aiming high to be like them when they grow up.
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Definitely sports are very important. Its make your life very beautiful. Also sports are very good for health.
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Sport is important so you can keep healthy and fit. You can do up to 2 hours of sport a day that is the minimum and the Maximin is 10 hours. I hope that was enough information for you thank you.
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Yes sports is like a routine a human being needs, to make our system exercised and able us get fast metabolism.
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Of course, it makes us healthy and full of energy, it's important for us to do it, just try to practise it 10 minutes or half hour per day for keeping our health fit.

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Yes sports are very important because it helps us keep active, fresh, full of energy, lively and not be lazy couch potatoes.
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Physical activity is extremely important as it is good for your general mental and physical health.  Competitive sports and team games also see to have positive effects too, and national teams ie Football, Cricket or Rugby teams give a sense of unity to a country.  So all in all they are important.

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