Is Basketball A Good Sport For Guys Or Girls?


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Baseball is good for guys as well as guys. In fact, it suits anybody who is game for fun. The guys may be lauded for their basketball skills but there are quite a very good girl basketball players too. There is a PR league known as WNBA. All you have to do is get the right kind of knowledge and understand the game well. You should hone your skills in such a way that you become a classy player. To do this, you need to have a strong sense of work ethic. It does not matter if you are a guy or a girl. You can possess a great work ethic, if you belong to either of the sexes. Practice makes your skill permanent.
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Wonderful answer...girls CAN play as hard and fast as any boy, and women can play as hard and fast of any man. Just watch college womens basketball and you'll see a faster game that the men in the NBA play!
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Yes it is. In basketball, this enhances every part of your physical skills. Mental abilities are enhanced as well, because basketball does not depend entirely in physical strength, we need to used our coconut shells as well ^^
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Of course it's a good sport for guys and girls. Just like most sports, women play it a bit differently but it is a challenging, physical, and mental discipline that takes practice and talent to be effective at.
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Boys and Girls can play basketball. Anyone can do anything if they set there mind to it. I think Oshane who was the first to answer this question is completely wrong.
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It is a good sport for guys because it is harsh and manly, also there are harmful plays that take place which a female will find it hard to keep up with.
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I can't believe you said that! If you would watch women's collete basketball on TV, especially now because the of national championships, you would find that women actually play harder and faster with any possible 'play' and they survive very well. Basketball for girls should began no later than 7th grade and if boys teams compete with other schools, so should the girls. In Oklahoma in 1950 my school, Paoli, OK, had basketball games every Friday night during the season with 4 competitive games in a row. The crowd was great. First the 7-8th girls played, then 7-8th boys, then 9-12 girls, then 9-12 boys. Sadly, in those days their opinions were like yours so the competitive rules required the girls to pay with 3 guards and 3 forwards and none of them could cross the center line because the men in charge statewide stupidly thought that 'it would be harmful for girls to run much and play hard. Oh How Stupid!
It's good for both not particular to a specific gender.As it is starts itself is a relaxation of mind through some physical activities.
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I think its a good sport for both boys and girls because you get fit and its good competition
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Yes because it gets you outdoors and if people stay outside then they will live a good life
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It's definitely for boys because from the very beginning boys use
to play it and it  is
, I think dangerous for the girls..
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I think it is a good sport for girls because some of the girls play better than the guys and because girls can play an sport.


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