Is Football Or Fishing The Most Popular Sport In UK?


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Football is the most popular sport in the UK (according to an Ipsos-MORI poll). Fishing doesn't even feature in the top 17 on the list!

Is football more popular than fishing in the UK? Football is widely thought to be the most popular sport on the planet.

The UK has a proud footballing tradition, and children across the United Kingdom play football on a daily basis.

Whilst fishing is certainly a popular pastime, the fact that not everyone has easy access to fishing equipment or a major body of water means its popularity is hindered somewhat.

In cultural terms, it is hard to think of any sport that has as much clout as football - and in economic terms, football represents the largest sporting industry in the UK.

What's the most popular sport in the UK?
According to a survey conduscted by Ipsos-MORI, football enjoys a 10% participation rate in the UK - and a 45% viewing rate on British television.

The next most popular sport would be Rugby, followed by tennis.

In fact, the only mention of fishing being the most popular sport that I can find is on a website titled Sounds a little biased to me, don't you think?
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Football! The most thing you can discuss in the UK is ball, foot, technique,strength, stamina, humor, formation, position, pitch!!! It's kind of the home of football.

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