What Is The Importance Of Game And Sports In The Life?


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If game is to be defined by competitive games from your question then both sports and games are the same thing. Sport is defined as physical performance which has set limitations to it. There must be set rules that are decided upon by the sport’s governing body. As part of these rules, they must specify where and who can play these sports. There has to be some sort of official to enforce these rules. The sport has to be competitive and all players must present a sportsmanship way of behaviour. 

However if the word game is your question is to be defined as physical activity then it differs from sport in many ways. Physical activity can be carried out by any individual and there are no rules that apply apart from the laws of the land. It may be carried out at any place in which the designated individual chooses and the time of their choice. A simple way to look at an example is to think of a football game. A group of friends playing football in a park with nets made out of rolled up jackets on the floor and no referee is considered to be a physical activity, while a Premier League match between Liverpool F.C. And Manchester United is considered sport.

Another difference between sports and physical activity, which affects their importance on life, is why people do them. Both have equal importance in reality yet their importance may be different from person to person. Sports are goal orientated so a person who participates in sports will have a set goal for that sport and their underlying motivation will be to achieve that goal. The goals of someone participating in physical activity may also range from wanting to lose, to making new friends or to relieve mental stressors.
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Games and sports are a source of great amusement and relaxation. They not only refresh us but also provide us vogue so necessary for life. Good food, education and shelter are the basic necessities of life. Similarly games are indispensable for healthy life. They are very necessary for building up our personality and formation of balanced character.

Good health is a great boon. Only a healthy body possesses a healthy mind. A healthy man can work more efficiently and cheerfully whereas a sick, man is a liability to his relations and a burden to a society. The proper way to maintain good health is to play games so that our limbs, which generally remain inactive during mental labor, may have exercise.
Games are of two kinds: indoor games and outdoor games. Indoor games are of many types: chess playing cards, carom boards, table tennis and many others. Though they are not very important so far our physical health is concerned yet they have some useful effects they increase efficiency of man who plays them.

The out door games like hockey, tennis; football and cricket are very vigorous. They play a great part in improving both our physical and mental health of efficiency.
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The importance of sports and games in life can be understood by the fact that it has social emotional as well has physical aspects. It helps to introduce people to a competitive environment. It increases the social interaction as you play with other people around you. Participating in events that require making teams helps in an understanding of working in teams that may help in professional life. Sports and games provide us with an escape from the daily stress full environment. It teaches us sports man spirit, obeying rule and regulations and working hard. It also helps us in developing such attributes as responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, discipline and accountability. The physical exercise helps in staying away form diseases and remaining healthy.
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Games and sports have always been taken as a necessary part of a nation's life. Games were played in olden times as much as they are played today. Outdoor games include football, hockey, cricket, baseball, etc. indoor games includes cards, carom, chess, tennis, etc. some games like badminton can be played inside a building as well as outside.
Games improve our health and make us active. Outdoor games give a lot of exercise to the body and make us healthy if we play them regularly. Games teach us well how to compete with others in life. They make us brave. We do not lose heart or get discouraged when we fail to win.

Games and sports, in fact build our characters. They make hopeful and us bold. They make us honest as we accept a just decision of an umpire and do not mind our defeat. We do not play a game like true sportsmen if we are not prepared to accept defeat. We should not be proud of our skill in any game even if we happen to be the best players.
Games are very useful if they are rightly played. We should try to play the games suited to us in a regular way however, we should not play at the cost of our studies or duties in society.
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The main object of sports and games is to build the character of the young.they make them active,helpful and trust worthy.
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To make a person physically fit
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Games and Sports helps in developing humans' personality. They help advocating discipline, coping with failure, developing confidence, respecting other's achievement and continuous hard work to achieve success. By incorporating such values, It prepares individual do deal effectively for different challenges he/she can face in real life.
They are very good source in mental and emotional fitness. And, those active in sports can deal with mental/emotional problems effectively.
Games and Sports at national and international level foster collaboration between the countries.
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The importance of games and sports are if you are competitive then to win but if you just like to have fun then just play for fun
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The basic utility of games are undoubtedly helping us to maintain our body,beautiful and healthy.sports provide a systematic and regular exercise in a pleasing way and provide enjoyment together with sufficient physical strain.sports and games build us up physically,mentally and even spiritually to some extent, as we learn  to take gains and losses in the same stride.
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Sports are important because they keep us healthy and happy,and its awesome to watch  what happens.
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Sports and Games have the same meaning cause you will learn a lesson by match for example(a football match) a team will see how does the another team play and if you see carefully you now it is a game & at the same time a sport
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Doing some sports are good for the health, so it's one of the important things in our life, as they can help us become physically fit, if we can practise them everyday, it's essential for us.

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The sports and games r not only to win!
It teach us skills,life,it introduce some one... ...                                                                                 So if you will out in game/sport should not be ...
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Sports &games play a very healthy role in our life . It keeps us mentally &physically fit
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Sports are important because they keep us healthy and happy,and its awesome to watch  what happens.
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-for personal physical growth & development
- exercise & fitness
- instill a sense of discipline & following a routine/regimen
- building team-spirit & working in groups
- social camaraderie
- sportsmanship , amiable & healthy competitiveness
- moral character-building [right from wrong, no cheating, etc]
- sense of enjoyment & fun
- learning new stuff
- connecting with others, a sense of unity in college
- forming clubs & as hobbies
- using one's body also enhances/stimulates brain development & activity
- winning & losing are part of the game - this is a very important lesson for later real life situations
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We have a great value of games. Games can refresh our mind from stress of works. If you have no time for spend time in gaming, you can try in cyber gaming . It helps equally.thanks

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