Players Who Have Played With More Than One Of The Top 4 Clubs?


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Juan Sebastian Veron Man Utd and Chelsea
William Gallas Arsenal and Chelsea
Ashley Cole Arsenal and Chelsea
Nicolas Anelka Arsenal and Chelsea
Emmanuel Petit Arsenal and Chelsea
Mikael Silvestre Man Utd and Arsenal
Jermaine Pennant Arsenal and Liverpool
Paul Ince Liverpool and Man Utd
Tom Chorlton Liverpool and Man Utd
Tom Miller Liverpool and Man Utd
Tommy Reid Liverpool and Man Utd
Ted Savage Liverpool and Man Utd
Fred Hopkin Liverpool and Man Utd
Tommy NcNulty Liverpool and Man Utd
Allenby Chilton Liverpool and Man Utd
John Sheldon Liverpool and Man Utd
Phil Chisnall Liverpool and Man Utd
Frank Stapleton Man Utd and Arsenal
Ray Wilkins Man Utd and Chelsea
Mark Hughes Man Utd and Chelsea
Bolo Zenden Chelsea and Liverpool
Mark Bosnich Man Utd and Chelsea
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Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal then Liverpool then Chelsea
Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal then Liverpool
Michael Thomas - Arsenal then Liverpool
Paul Ince - Manchester United then Liverpool
Glen Johnson - Chelsea then Liverpool
Bolo Zenden - Chelsea then Liverpool
Michael Owen - Liverpool then Manchester United
William Gallas - Chelsea then Arsenal
Ashley Cole - Arsenal then Chelsea

Not going to copy the above list, but I've added a couple that was missed out.
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Michael Owen Liverpool and Man Utd
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Peter Kenyon - chief executive
Manchester United then Chelsea
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Name 6 players who have each played for at least two of Man you, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool AND have played for either Real Madrid or Barcelona.

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