How Can I Improve At Football?


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Football is a game which requires all parts of your body. Therefore the main way to improve at football is to make sure your body is in the best shape it can be.

Fitness is a key factor as you often see midfielders running from 10,000- 13,000 metres in 90 minutes. Therefore stamina is crucial along with speed and sharpness.

Understanding of the game is by far the most important aspect of football to improve yourself. Watching it on TV or from the stands isn't the best way as you don't see what it actually takes to do what you see. Playing football 5aside and 11 aside is the sure way to see what you need to improve upon.

Play with footballers who are better than you and then you will see how much you need to improve, but don't be disheartened, aim to be as good as the next player.

But be prepared to put in the hard work, which means football 2/3times a week, keeping fit and learning while you play.

Top tip: Anticipation and 'reading' the game is the best way to improve at football.
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You seem to be referring to the game which is also known as soccer in most of the countries. Football is a game which requires a lot of skill to play. Many people start football at a very early age. In some countries like England, Spain and other European countries, football is considered to be their religion.

In order to improve yourself at football, the only thing that you are required to do is practice. You need to practice playing all by yourself. You can also join a football camp to learn more tricks about the game. Football can also be learnt by using some of the tricks that you can find online. There are various football magazines available that you can read and learn more about it.

Football players dedicate their entire lives to football and they play every game of theirs like it's their first and the last.
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My best advice is...

Practice makes perfect!
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"In some countries like England, Spain and other European countries, football is considered to be their religion."

SPOT ON M8! :p lol
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Practice, practice, practice.
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You can improve football by watching football teams play on t.v then copying their moves in your game

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