Which Golf Shoes Offer The Best Foot Support?


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There are many golf shoes out there on the market and many different brands to choose from, so it can be difficult to choose the ones that are right for you.
The best shoes for foot support in my opinion would be Ecco. Although they are expensive they are a great all round shoe. They offer the best support and comfort because they are well made. When looking for a good supporting shoe, everyone’s feet are different and so what one person says is good might not be the best pair for you. I suggest that you go to a local store and try some pairs on, to see which brand feels best on your foot. For good supporting shoes, you want to make sure that the sides of the shoe aren’t too flimsy and likely to give and slide when you wear them. Make sure that you can tighten the shoe properly around your foot too, because if they are too loose they won’t provide the optimum support for your feet. Always walk around the store in the shoes to get a feel for them.
If Ecco golf shoes are out of your budget, cheaper brands that also offer good foot support include the more well-known brands such as Nike and Adidas. With a background in all sporting goods, these two brands are always good all-rounders when it comes to equipment. The Adidas Power band range of golf shoes offers good foot support too. If you head over to www.american, they have several pairs of golf shoes on offer including these Adidas ones.
Bear in mind that different brands are good for different shaped feet, as well. If you have a wider foot, Adidas provide a range of golfing shoes that offer more room than other brands might.
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There are many golf shoes available in the market but I like the following golf shoe because they offer the best foot support

• Bite Biosport Shoes
• Nike
• Waler Hagen Golf Shoes
• adidas

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