Which Countries Have The World's Best Golf Clubs?


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Whilst I haven't yet the pleasure of playing there, I'm going to nominate Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand.

The best golf course in the world

If there's one thing golf has that no other sport can boast - it's the beautiful sprawling emerald courses.

A course isn't just about the twists and turns, the bunkers and bogeys... It's a place that men and women across the world go to relax, socialize and unwind.

A golf course is an integral part of the game, a living, breathing, panorama on which the action takes place. Navigating a course means exploring its hidden nooks, and avoiding its perils just like a daring 14th century Magellan travelling through unchartered waters.

All this goes to explain why so much care and consideration is given to the way courses are designed and maintained, and Cape Kidnappers tops most people's lists.

The course was designed by American Tom Doak and, instead of sandy dunes, golfers have to contend with dizzying cliff tops.

Miss-hit balls take an eternity to reach the water when they drop off the cliff, and shooting towards the final green has been described as "shooting towards the end of the world".
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The sport of Golf is probably one of the famous recreational activities in all over the world and mostly popular amongst men who have it all. There are beautiful golf clubs built all over the world, where people make a trip and spend a vacation as well as where PGA Tours (Golf tournaments) are conducted.All over the world there are many countries that have the best golf clubs which are really famous and well known. They all are posh, stylish, entertaining and exclusive. Some are affordable where as some are only designed for the elite personalities.

Scottsdale (Phoenix) is one of the most popular golf destinations in the world where most of the PGA Tours take place. It has the best golf courses in the country however is expensive.The country where golf was born, Scotland is a must visit destination for all golf lovers. The place has a history of golf with in it which has the same old fashioned style golf course. The air fare for Scotland is not that expensive. It is the best place to know about the history of golf but the weather is not that suitable for golf playing.

The Myrtle Beach, situated on the Atlantic, is known as the Golf capital of the world since it comprises of the best golf clubs in the world such as Grand Dunes, Fish club and Barefoot Resort. They offer really good packages and season specials which is why it is really affordable.Apart from these there are many more golf clubs in the world where one can enjoy really good golf but make sure you check out the weather conditions of those places first.
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