How Do You Throw A Hook With A Bowling Ball?


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To hook with a bowling ball, the bowler has to make sure he or she has the right equipment. If he does not have the right ball, he cannot hook. The best bowling balls are those balls which are made of reactive resin or any material which is of a higher quality than reactive resin. The next step is to have the ball drilled in the correct fashion and for this; you can seek professional advice by contacting the operator of your local pro-shop.

The ball has to be gripped with the two middle fingers of your bowling hand, which is also your dominant hand (that is, the hand which you write with). Then you have to visualise the line which you will take across the lane on which you will bowl. The most important step is to time your release of the ball. People usually prefer to take either a three-step approach or a five-step approach. The last step is making the swing.
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I would say most people are taught a 4 step approach...smoother walk to the foul line and great for timing...especially if ya want to hook a ball
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The previous answer was true except he forgot to mention that hand position is the key. I can hook a plastic bowling ball! It is the angle of attack, hand position and ball speed that determines whether it will hook or not. More expensive, professional bowling balls ( reactive resin, urethane, etc) eases a bowler's effort to hook the ball. It comes more natural if the ball is drilled to hook because naturally those balls "want-to" hook.

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