What Trophies Did Martin O'Neill Win As Manager Of Glasgow Celtic?


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O'Neill joined Celitc from Liecester City in the year two thousand as replacement for the unsucessful pair of Kenny Dalglish and John Barnes.

Tasked with reversing the domination of Scottish football by Old firm rivals Rangers, O'Neills impact was immediate with the Bhoys hammering Rangers six, two in O'Neills first Old firm clash.

In his first full season as manager, O'Neill went on to win the treble, winning the Scottish premier league (SPL), Scottish FA cup and the Scottish league cup in the two thousand, two thousand and one season.

The SPL title followed the season later in two thousand and one, two and a third title was won in two thousand and three four.

O'Neill's final trophy was the two thousand and five Scottish FA cup.

In all O'Neill took charge of Celtic for two hundred and eighty two games and won seventy five percent of them.

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