What Are The Advantages Of The One Day International (ODI) Cricket Match?


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One Day International (ODI) cricket has a number of advantages over the test format of the game. Firstly the game is held over only one day with one innings per side, in contrast to a test match which can last up to five days with two innings per side. This makes the game shorter, more accessible to audiences and more exciting. Also, the shorter innings force batsmen to score runs more quickly in order for the team to achieve a competitive score, which creates a more vibrant atmosphere and increases suspense in the ground - something which is lacking during the long drawn out sessions of a test match.

The first ODI match was played in January 1971 between England and Australia and since then the format has evolved and developed into an integral part of the sport, with the games usually being played after the test matches of a tour. The success of the initial ODI games led to the foundation of a cricket World Cup, which has taken place every four years since its inception in 1973. Australia have won the competition four times, India and the West Indies have both won twice, and Pakistan and Sri Lanka have each won once. England have reached three finals but have never won the tournament.

Advantages of ODI cricket

- Batsmen score runs quicker

- Wickets can fall in quicker succession due to the increased risks taken by batsmen

- More physically demanding which brings out the best in players

- Only lasts one day, which is beneficial to spectators and TV audiences

- Vibrant crowd atmosphere

- More suspense and "drama"

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There are many advantages of one day cricket but some are:
(I) It is a short form of cricket.
(ii) We can know one of the team shall win at the same day.
(iii) The Bowlers gets limited overs to bowl.
(iv) We can get quick results.

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