What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cricket?


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Cricket has many pros and cons:

  • On the plus side, it's a community activity that brings people together and encourages exercise, fitness and well-being.
  • On the negative side, it can occupy a lot of people's time and money - and detract from other aspects of their lives.
What are the advantages of cricket?
I'm a big fan of cricket. I love watching it on TV, and I also enjoy playing the odd game with friends in the park.

I think cricket is great because it's all-inclusive, and anyone can play it. It also builds a sense of community.

People meet each other through cricket clubs, and many social functions (such as lunches and parties) are organized around the game.

Going to a cricket game is also a social event in which the entire family can be involved. I wouldn't hesitate to bring my young son to a cricket game - but the same can't be said for all sports.

Sports like cricket also encourage athleticism and competition - two qualities that should be encouraged.

The negative side of cricket Cricket does have its downside, though - people can become totally engrossed and absorbed in the sport, and some of my friends spend hours staring at the TV watching their favorite cricket team compete.

Whilst this isn't necessarily a negative thing in itself, any form of entertainment has the potential to become addictive.

If someone becomes so obsessed with cricket that it detracts from other aspects of their life, this could certainly be considered negative.
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There are many advantages to test cricket: It brings people closer, but there are also some disadvantages - for example, it costs money.

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