What Are The Advantages Of Ipl Cricket?


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Indian Premier League better known as IPL has certainly given a new dimension to international cricket. IPL can be proved advantageous as a cricket lover can get to see many of his favourite players from different teams play together as one team. IPL matches are the matches with twenty overs and therefore run for a short period of time which is exciting and fun rather than long and draggy. They give a fun dose of entertainment to even those people who are non-cricket watchers One of the biggest advantage is that it awakens a spirit of Unity and Teamwork among the players who play along with other players from different countries.Another advantage is that the organisations whether private or public get a chance to sponsor the teams which helps in the balancing of the socio-economic development of the Country. The players get  exposured to the different cultured team-mates and the players from different countries.
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It is short and nice to watch
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Since ipl matches get over in a time period of 3 hours so cricket lover had their entertainment and they don't have to leave their work for their favourite game

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