Is football a more popular sport than fishing in the UK?


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Kenny Floyd answered

Football is a really popular sport in the UK, a lot more so than fishing for most people.

When children are young, they're usually encouraged to stay physically active. Football is a lot more physical than fishing, which is probably why more people take part in it, and more schools offer it.

Towns and cities also run local leagues, regardless of how good players are, which gives more opportunities for large numbers of adults to get involved as well. And there is much better media coverage of professional games, with Premiership matches broadcast live on TV for millions of fans to watch during the season.

Whilst fishing is still a popular sport in the UK, it's slightly stereotyped as something for older men, and often children will only get involved with fishing if it's something their parents or grandparents have done.

To give you an example of the strong coverage football has, here's a video a Manchester United fan has put together showing off some of their favourite goals.

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