Is there a more frustrating sport to play than Golf?


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ANY sport is frustrating if it's not done well. Wrestling (real wrestling) is quite frustrating though.  Since it is one on one, the defeats are all your own.

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I've never attempted to play golf but I would assume that you must spend a lot of time on the course to become good at it.

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A lot of time spent practising but I'm hopeless at it. You will go & play 18 holes & there will be that 1 stroke that is good & that will bring you back again.
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I don't even consider golf a sport, lol.

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Golf by a long shot… The sport of golf is ranked in terms of difficulty as the second hardest motor sport, next to ice hockey.

It’s one of very few sports that are not reactionary. Meaning you start from a complete standstill, which creates ample opportunity for muscles to become tense by anxious thoughts and hesitation. Muscle tension is one of the worst enemies for a well executed golf swing.

It’s also one of a small handful, in which you are positioned perpindicular to your intended target line. Your goal is to swing a golf club on a tilted and curved plane, in order to propel a very small ball in a straight(for the most part) line toward your intended target.

You are allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag when playing. Each of those clubs has a different length shaft, a different degree of loft, different lie angles. Each club also causes the flight of the golf ball to differ in terms of distance, spin, and trajectory.

In bowling, you essentially have the exact same conditions EVERY single time, with the only exceptions being the weight of the ball chosen and the number of pins standing during each particular turn.

In golf, there are infinite possibillities in terms of what “lie” you will have for each shot throughout your round. For instance, your ball could be positioned nicely in the short, and well manicured fairway grass, or you could be in 6-inch tall rough that grabs and twists the clubface as you swing through it. You could be facing a shot from a fairway sand bunker, or from dry, concrete-like hard pan. The ball could be angled above your feet, or it could be below your feet. All of these factors, and so many more will have effect on the shape and trajectory of ball flight, the distance ball travels, the angle of the plane which you need to swing on, and how the club head interacts with the ground conditions and golf ball at impact.

I could go on for quite a while with this, but will stop for now.

I am not implying that the sport of bowling does not require certain skills and precision. However, I personally feel that golf is without a doubt, much more difficult than bowling.

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You know there are many sports and I am as I gambler has to monitor all the teams on Of course, I do it only for my own benefit but sometimes it gets difficult and I want to have a rest.

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