Is Football More Popular Than Fishing In The Uk?


11 Answers

James Penis Profile
James Penis answered
Football is more popular in the uk. Fishing is a one person sport and football is a team sports and they have supporters so football is more popular
Daniel Tai Profile
Daniel Tai answered
Actually, football is more popular than fishing. This is because there are many leagues in the UK. FA cup, Premier league you name it.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
More people do fishing than football but more people watch football than fishing
Arun  kumar Profile
Arun kumar answered
Football !!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
It depends what your opinion is but for me its football as more people watch football with fishing its more of a one person thing.
James Mackay Profile
James Mackay answered
Football is more popular in the Uk than fishing is, personally I'd rather watch football than fishing.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Football defintly is because fishing is boring it makes me want to go to sleep zzzzzzzzzzz.

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