Is hosting the olympics a good investment?


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No, maybe, yes...  Almost everyone who has hosted them has lost money, but it gets your city and country in the international news, and it could be good for tourism, and it is normally great for propaganda in the host country as they normally have enough people entered that they will win gold medals.

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Apart from the excellent points Korvo One made, we also get improved infrastructure. Transport, roads and venues continue to bring benefits long after the Games are forgotten.

Then there's the intangible benefit of self esteem. Anybody in a city that has successfully hosted the Olyjmpics gets a very real boost to the morale and that can spill over into other areas, like productivity.

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How come that the public transport which run so well during the games isn't the same today. Maybe the TWU only co-operate when the Olympic monetary bonuses are being offered. Besides a couple of Wallaby games & the NRL grand final the Olympic Stadium has not being filled. Quite ironically last years NRL grand final was the first time in quite a few years that was sold out & the 2 teams were from Queensland.
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I doubt if it's union policy either way. I expect that, for those two weeks in 2000, everybody tried their hardest. Now it's just a job.
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I don't know if you remember but the TWU actually threatened to strike in the Olympics which is basically blackmail.How was your New Years Eve? Are you enjoying the cooler weather or do you like the heat? Maddy says GAA GAA!!

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